Welcome to the magical world of Melody in Motion
porcelain figurines with a unique combination of animation and music.
It has been more than 20 years that Melody and Motion and Willie have been entertaining all of us and especially you, our loyal collector. It all started in 1985, Willie had come alive with his trumpeting, but now with deep sadness Willie and the Melody in Motion line has been retired. It has been a long and adventurous journey for Willie and Santa and we will miss them along with the other characters of Melody in Motion. Times and trends change and along with it some things may go but we hope will not be forgotten.

Unfortunately, it is time for Willie to end his journey but we hope that you still continue to collect and enjoy the line as we have produced nearly 200 different pieces.

We again thank you for the support and life you have given to Willie and Melody in Motion.


A few of our dealers purchased most of our inventory.
Please follow the Where to Buy link to see the list of dealers.
We will still continue to do repairs, please follow the Contact Us link for your repair needs.

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